Halloween Eve

I left work early yesterday with one of those headaches that have you fighting tears, which makes the headache that much worse. It was awesome. I went home and popped about 2400 mg of ibuprofen (what?) and buried my head under my covers waiting for it to kick in. About 45 minutes later I felt […]

Don’t Forget!

Or – Don’t Let ME Forget! NaBloPoMo starts SATURDAY. That is a crappy day to start National Blog Posting Month, but I heard that Eden’s efforts to change the calendar this year to move November 1st to Monday didn’t work. (Just kidding! No one tried to change the calendar! I promise!) If you’re going to […]

Burrito Casserole

Today is the day! I can finally announce my recipe and you all can go and vote for my recipe: Burrito Casserole. I’m so terribly nervous about this because let me remind you: I have NEVER EVER EVER done ANYTHING like this before. Now, they posted my recipe on the site but I wanted to […]

Point Taken, AndyZ.

We went all last weekend without a pacifier for AndyZ. I never went out and bought one because I didn’t realize how attached he was to it. I thought he’d just find his thumb (like he does at school) or just not even care to not have it. WAS I WRONG! He spent the whole […]