I Can’t Move Because I Ate Too Much

Thanksgiving was exhausting and awesome – all rolled into one great big ball of turkey and gravy. And sweet potatoes. And pumpkin pie. And green beans. Mmmmm…..Wait. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Thanksgiving was awesome. Unfortunately, I am now into Major Crunch Time for Huge Project At Work so I don’t have time to fill […]


Oops. I forgot to post an entry yesterday. I have officially, for the first year ever, failed NaBloPoMo. I suck. I have so many really good excuses, I really do. There’s the Sick Dog thing, the HUGE Deadline At Work thing, the Getting Ready to Travel With Small Children thing, and the Holy Crap My […]

Little Miss Independent

My daughter’s independence has gotten out of conTROL. Fo’ real – yo. Yesterday she put on a pair of overalls (All by herSELF!) and had them on backwards. When I pointed this out to her while indicating I could help her put them on the right way – she freaked out. “I want them backwards!” […]

Yada Yada Yada

Saturday is over and I still have nothing to say. My day has been pretty mundane with the cleaning of the car for the Thanksgiving trip and the shopping for the movies to make the kids not freak out on that same trip. We also went and bought a few more winter staples for the […]