Moving Forward.

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and sympathies yesterday. MrZ stayed home all day and said he refreshed the comments of that post about once an hour to read what everyone was saying. They meant more to both of us than you can possibly know. Thank you from the bottom of my […]

Automatic Smile Inducer

I took both kids to the doctor today. AndyZ because he was running a fever (turned out to be an ear infection) and NikkiZ because she needed a note to go back to school since she’s had a few instances of diarrhea in the last week. On the way back from the doctor, I called […]

Send Beer.

Things going on in my life right now keeping me from posting a respectable blog entry: Spending my last weekend with Cisco. And deciding today would be a good time to watch Ghost Whisperer, which made me cry my eyes out while hold Cisco. Sweetie and her never-ending need to poop on my carpets. My […]