String on the Finger

So, just for the record? My resolutions are not going so well. I feel like, overall, I’ve made about one step in the direction I’m wanting to go with my life. On step towards just being the better person that I so want to be. Which is still – you know – one step. So, […]

Hot and Cold

MrZ and I have entered that portion of the year where we spend our days coming in behind the other one to adjust the thermostat. He likes it warmer than I do. So, I lower the thermostat setting and he turns it up. And in between we argue with each other about how the other […]

Silver Lining? Maybe?

I’m trying to be more positive in my life – hoping that the universe will return the favor. However – this morning? Not so successful. Several things caused me stress and anxiety which had me in a grumpy tizzy bitching and grumbling and spewing negative energy to everyone in my family. I feel bad about […]