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Forever a Daddy’s Girl 312

Forever a Daddy’s Girl

I’m a daughter who today lost her Dad. Her Daddy, as she has always been (and will always be) a Daddy’s Girl. If you’re a Dad to a daughter, I’d like you to do something for me, if you don’t mind. If your daughter is small, cuddle with her in bed tonight and let her tell you about her day. Be intrigued by her stories and probe for more details like you have heard nothing as amazing as her recounting her day. Or maybe just hold her in your lap while you tell her funny jokes. Tickle her until she...

Bullets ‘O Fun to distract us all from the Updates ‘O Sadness 27

Bullets ‘O Fun to distract us all from the Updates ‘O Sadness

AndyZ came home with his first bite from school the other day. I honestly do not care about such things at this age because they just happen. No big deal. I kinda want to chomp on his chubby calves when I see them too. So, I can understand. The funny thing is the teachers don’t tell you who did it – for obvious reasons – but based on the impression on his leg I could totally find the culprit. That’s how clear of a bite it was. There is one intersection on our way to school in the mornings that...

I promise I end this on Teh Funny 51

I promise I end this on Teh Funny

I remember several years ago after one of my pregnancy losses, I found myself wandering around a few days AFTER I found out the fetus had died but BEFORE my D&C. It was a weird couple of days, as I knew I was still kinda pregnant, but kinda not. I didn’t get out much in that weird “between” time. I was too sad. But – at one point I went to Target for groceries and remember really wanting to tell everyone I passed, “Hey, I have a dead baby inside of me.” Now – I didn’t do that for VERY...

Update. Again. 72

Update. Again.

I’ve wanted to start an entry dozens of times in the last two weeks, but I could never figure out how. It would always start with something like, “Dad’s still alive…” and that just seems – weird. Weird because it’s so crass. Weird because it may warrant well wishes like, “Great!” And then what do I say? “Yeah…kinda great…kinda awful since he has made the decision to die and he wants it over already.” We find ourselves in a strange holding pattern where we wait for death to come to our small – but close – family. It’s a very...

Update 209


I’m mainly posting this because I’m not sure where I’ll be or how easy it will be to post the next few days/weeks. I’m going home to Knoxville to start saying goodbye to my Dad. I’m not sure how much time we have left with him, but he’s getting hospice care to see him through to the end with as little pain as possible. Please keep all of us in your thoughts. I’d say more about it but I am struggling to type through the tears.