Could I Get Any More Depressing?

My brother came into Huntsville for dinner earlier this week. It just worked with a trip for work he was making and it was something my heart needed more than anything. To see the one person in the world who I know misses Dad as much as I do. We spent some time talking about […]

Wicked Awesome.

LilZ and I went to see Wicked last night and I can say that his gratitude alone made the cost and the effort of the trip worth it. He must have sincerely thanked me 900 times and if you’ve ever known a 14-year old you will understand that such intense gratitude is something to be […]

Wicked and Photos

For LilZ’s birthday in January, I got he and I tickets to see the traveling production of Wicked which I knew would be coming to Birmingham in the Spring. Some time last week it occurred to me, “Oh, shit. Did we miss it?” Luckily, we didn’t. It’s tonight. And while I’m stressed to be planning […]