Today is my first long run of my half-marathon training. It’s just four miles since I’m doing the novice training which starts assuming you’ve at least made it to the 5K level. Which I have. Barely. So, the first long run is 4 miles. I’ve taken Hal Higdon’s 10-week half-marathon training program and extended it […]


Look at the eyes of the toy vacuum he’s sitting on. HYSTERICAL. We had AndyZ’s 12-month check-up and Shotfest yesterday. He did okay with everything, even the shots which had him screaming while the needles were in his legs, but he stopped immediately afterward. The pediatrician is sending us to an ENT to look at […]

Another Public Service Entry

Two days ago, out of the blue, I stopped receiving email notifications from WordPress. As in, I was no longer getting emails with each comment. Therefore eliminating my option to reply to commenters in email instead of in comments. This KILLED me. I Googled, I submitted forum threads at, I twittered about it – […]

Avoid Bleeding Nipples At All Cost

I finally succeeded in something I’ve been trying to do for years. I talked someone into running a half-marathon with me. I’ve felt like I could use some accountability in my training and haven’t really found anyone even remotely interested. But then I ran into a certain someone at the 5K on Saturday (not literally, […]

Yes/No Equality

I think about this entry a lot. Sarah talks about working on saying, Yes to her kids more. No is an easy thing to say. It usually buys us time, “Mom, can we go outside?” “No. Not right now.” It sometimes keeps your house cleaner, “Mom, can I play with the Play Doh?” “No. It’s […]