Monthly Archive: July 2009

Who Packs The Heat in Your Home? 53

Who Packs The Heat in Your Home?

If you don’t hear from me in the next week, don’t panic. I’ll be revisiting the Beach House With No Internet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to at least post from my iPhone, but without 3G service that may just be too annoying to deal with. I was up until Midnight packing for the trip. It took MrZ 15 minutes to pack. Because he packs his suitcase. And that’s it. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I feel more confident everything makes it on vacation if I’m doing the packing, but it had me thinking: Are we...

Random Bullets of Randomness 12

Random Bullets of Randomness

I’m reading James Rollins’ Doomsday Key currently and it’s good and suspenseful like all of his books, but everytime I think, “I’m ready a thriller/suspense about genetically modified corn…” I crack up. I think that’s probably a sign of a good writer that can build a suspenseful storyline out of agriculture. I wrote the Dalai Lama quote I found here on a “NOTES” file on my iPhone and have been trying to read it everyday, maybe even several times a day. I’m not sure if it’s helping me recenter my mindframe around The Positive instead of The Negative, but it...

I’m a “But…”-head. 34

I’m a “But…”-head.

I am not very good at apologies. Both with my children and my husband I am guilty of the, “I’m sorry, but…” technique of apology. And it – I know – is the worst way to apologize. Sometimes, it’s necessary. “I’m sorry, but I thought your head was a my pillow!” when you accidentally grabbed your husband’s face and clawed his eyes in the middle of the night. (What?) There are those rare times when adding a reason why you did what you did may make someone feel better about your behavior. But for me? Often it’s more phrased like,...

Optimism 14


A friend of my teaches at my old high school (and if she’s reading this she’s cringing thinking, Oh no, what’s she going to say now…) and I was reminding her for the millionth time the other day that OHMYGOD…my son starts high school in TWO WEEKS. She’s reassured me a few times in the past but yesterday she said something completely enlightening. Something along the lines of you’ll love this phase (as will he). High school is soooo much better than middle school, and you’ll love watching his transformation. WHAT? It had never occurred to me that things might...

From Gate 2 14

From Gate 2

Well. Here I am waiting at one of our 10 gates in our very small airport for my unaccompanied minor to board her plane. I found a WP app for my phone and am testing it out. Just wanted to tell you that I am also wearing leggings! iPhone and leggings? I am officially too cool 4 school. In case you were wondering. That is all.