To ParTAY or Not To ParTAY

We are giving NikkiZ a real birthday party this year. One at a location other than our home where we send out invitations at school and to the soccer team. This is her first real party. We had a gathering of friends and family for her first birthday…but the guests were mostly adults. This is […]

Prep Time

Today is FINALLY the day. Let’s hope. The day they get cut out of my jaw once and for all. I’ve already discussed with my brother and he agreed that if anything cancels this appointment, he’s going to bring a vice grip and some pliers and take care of it himself. And I am very […]

Ahhhh…the Joy of Pain

I’ve found a new technique for keeping me on my diet. It’s called Mind-Numbing Pain in the Wisdom Teeth Area. And let me tell you, if yesterday is any indication? It’s a miracle worker. I at two flat bread sandwiches and a spoonful of potato salad and I had to force all of that down. […]