Monthly Archive: October 2009

The Discreet Contest Announcement 7

The Discreet Contest Announcement

MrZ and I are going to a Halloween party tonight. We came up with our costume idea last minute (and by “WE” I mean “I”) and I hope it turns out right. If it does? I’ll post pictures. If it doesn’t? I’ll pretend this never was discussed. I made Cake Poppers, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake all for MrZ’s work lunch today. I am officially Wife Of The Year. Speaking of cooking, look what we ate for dinner last night! It is PDub’s Chicken Salad (with noodles to make it more of a dish and less of...

The One-Armed Chef 33

The One-Armed Chef

I’ve written before about how the challenges of being a Stay At Home Mom, a Working From Home Mom, and Working Outside The Home Mom are all VERY DIFFERENT. All challenging in their own – very different – ways. I know this because I’ve had points in my life when I’ve done them all and finally – mostly by choice – settled on being a Working Outside The Home Mom. And a million other times I’ve said that working outside the home? Made me a better Mom because I had much more enthusiasm and patience during the short time I...

Forcing The Sun To Shine 28

Forcing The Sun To Shine

The last two days have been gray. I mean that very literally…rainy, cold, and overcast. Since the seasons are changing and the trees are losing their leaves, even the vegetation looks gray. Even the few trees that are covered with vibrant leaves some how seem dulled by the rain and the clouds. Gray. I’m not sure if this is what put me in my own gray mood emotionally, or if I was headed there anyway – I’ve managed to have some very sad days amidst brilliant blue skies and sunshine – but during these last two days I’ve felt just...

Marathon Cooking 17

Marathon Cooking

We went to the concert Friday night in Birmingham and it was waaaay more fun than I predicted. I wish I had better pictures, but you just have to trust me when I tell you that NikkiZ? Totally a concert girl. She screamed and danced and was in general awe over the entire event. Since the first band came on about her normal bedtime, she did great even lasting through the whole show. During the slow songs she would be ready to go home, but as soon as Miley sang one we could dance to? She’d perk right back up....

Laughing. 7


Just wanted to take a second to post this other picture from the birthday dinner last night. He got himself into this walker somehow (none of us saw it because we were in a heated game of Old Maid) and thought it was hysterical when we all noticed and started laughing. He was just kicking his feet and laughing at himself while we all cracked up around him. Another of those moments where I found myself saying, “Okay, kid. You’re forgiven for that time you spread poop all over your crib.“