Halfway To The NaBloPoMo Finish Line!

We’re halfway through November and I’ve posted every day as per National Blog Posting Month requirements. Considering I failed in the first week last year, this is quite an accomplishment. Especially if you factor in the insane weekend we’ve had of photo sessions, birthday parties, fundraisers, half-marathons and Santa visits. Yes, I said Santa. Our Botanical Gardens offers a walk-thru for members of their Galaxy of Lights before they open to the public and tonight was the last night to take part. At the end of the mile-plus stroll you get to hang out with a very sweet Santa.


I was worried AndyZ was going to have nothing to do with it as he witnessed a kid scream bloody murder a few families in front of ours. He watched the kid scream the second he was placed in Santa’s lap and then AndyZ turned to me, pointed and said, “Uh Oh! Uh Oh! Uh Oh!” Like, Hey…Mom! That kid is being tortured by the man with the beard! SAVE HIM! Then, lucky for us, the family right before ours had a kid who thought Santa was the bee’s knees and he smiled uncontrollably the entire time. This put AndyZ a bit more at ease. Then, seeing his sister run to the bearded guy in red? That did it. He was going to at least check out the situation. Even if he wasn’t going to smile.

Santa even managed to talk a certain teenager into joining the photo op!


All in all, it was a pretty excellent weekend. Even if it was a bit exhausting.

8 thoughts on “Halfway To The NaBloPoMo Finish Line!”

  1. Great pictures!

    I LOVE that Santa in America has a real beard and is a friendly looking old man. Here is Ireland he usually has a fake cotton wool beard. No wonder he scares so many.

  2. Cute pictures!

    We went to the gardens Saturday night and it was a different Santa… ours was wearing brown work (construction type) books and had a dirty beard! LOL

    Jillian actually walked up to Santa, we were stunned since she was SOOOOO scared last year!

  3. You are doing awesome at NoBloPoMo! I failed out last year, too, due to a kidney infection – but I only quit when I couldn’t sit up any longer!

    I’m glad we’re halfway through – yesterday was the first day I found myself staring at a blank entry box, thinking, “what now?” Making it halfway before drawing a blank is pretty solid, I think.

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