First World Problems

My friend Michelle one time used the phrase “First World Problem” when we talking about how heated Mommy Blogging discussions can get about parenting methods. Attachment v/s Cry It Out can spark huge debates online. Nursing v/s Breastfeeding can do the same. And don’t get me started on natural childbirth…I still often feel like I’m […]

13.1 miles…HERE I COME!

I thought I’d give you an update on my half-marathon training for my Team in Training event in March. I’ve got a few more giveaways to do but I’m SO behind on mailing out thank you cards to those of you who have already donated, that I don’t want to solicit anymore donations until I’m […]


I take a lot of pictures. Did you know that? I do! And I go through those pictures every day. I take them off the camera, edit, store and upload to flickr. I don’t get too behind on this as it’s my treat. There are few things I like more than sitting down at the […]

Four Days

I’ve not blogged for four days, let me tell you why. Although, maybe I should warn you that each reason has a shred of truth to it, and possibly a shred of of exaggeration mixed in for entertainment purposes. You may be able to spot the bit of untruth, you may not. Just thought I’d […]