365 Days.

One year ago today I received the last call regarding my Dad and his health. The one where the nurse very apologetically says, “Your Dad. He died some time in the night.” He had died in his sleep as most kidney failure deaths occur. As the body becomes more riddled with toxins the periods of […]

A Day.

Today was one of those days. Not bad in any way, but a day I never really understood until I became a SAHM. A day I used to read about from other women who were Stay At Home Moms, and then silently acknowledged that days like that are why I couldn’t be a SAHM. A […]

I’ll Never Be a Nutritionist

So…we watched the much-hyped Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution this past Friday. It got me really thinking about how I feed my kids. Thinking for THREE days. THINKING AND THINKING AND THINKING. Because since I’ve watched the show, I’ve monitored feedback on blogs and twitter and have come to the realization that this is a VERY […]