Random Adventures Of The Last Few Days

We went and had “Breakfast with the Butterflies” at our Botanical Gardens last weekend. We ate a nice breakfast in one of the classrooms and then the kids got to release butterflies. Evidently, when it’s sunny outside, the butterflies are excited about their release and escape the box the second it’s open. However, since it […]


LilZ broke his arm when he was four and he required a surgery to insert pins to assure proper healing. After the surgery he was given morphine – and we learned he was allergic as he spent the next several hours puking violently. They admitted us overnight to make sure he got enough fluids. I […]

Funky Cold Medina

(I was going to title this blog entry “Funk” but then a certain song popped into my head and I wanted to make sure you were hearing the same thing I was.) So…there’s a lot of stressers in my life right now. Stressers? Stressors? Stressars? Firefox has no suggestions and I’m too lazy to see […]