Look What I Did!

When we bought our current house five years ago, we wanted to update our bathroom, paint our bedroom (which had hideous trim color and wallpaper border) and built a new closet system since the one that came with the house collapsed a few months after we bought it. Now that we’re about to put the […]

Things I’ll Miss

I’m staying optimistic about the house. We’ve submitting our request for repairs, hoping most of it gets addressed or that they’ll give us cash at closing. We’ll know for sure by Tuesday. We’re proceeding as though we’ll own in on June 11th because most of me strongly believes in the power of positive thinking. The […]

Mind Over Matter

Some days, or more importantly – some nights, can make parenting seem like a form of torture. When you’ve sang every song, read every book, tried every bed, driven through every neighborhood – and your child still won’t go to sleep. Eventually you end up in your own bed with a kicking 2-year old who […]

Diversity in the Zoot Home

Several weeks ago, NikkiZ and I set out to repair a toilet and install a new toilet seat. Nothing major, just a simple task that needed our attention. I tried to make it seem fun by allowing her to be part of the entire process and help. Oddly enough? She was excited. And when it […]

Birthdays…Zoot Style.

AndyZ’s birthday was Friday, and to celebrate I booked the evening solid with dance recitals and then a camping trip at the Botanical Gardens. Go me! I’m the master of planning, you know. I mean, what boy doesn’t want to spend his birthday watching his sister dance? It’s the dream celebration! The camp-out, on the […]