I think every person who manages a household has those things that are important to them, but are not consistent in every home. Some people put a lot of time and effort into keeping furniture clean and polished and in tip-top shape. Some people clean windows or spend loads of money on coverings and treatments […]

My Sitting Room

(Oops! I have no idea why comments were off before. They’re back on!) I mentioned back when we were trying to prep our house for market, that we were taking down personal photos and I was finally framing some of my “real” photography. Of course, we gave up on trying to prep the house while […]

Family Time.

I took NikkiZ and Wes on a camel ride at the Zoo Saturday. I was more excited than they were but once we got there, NikkiZ wanted to ride alone. I made her ride with me first, and then we used the Solo opportunity as an incentive to stop whining about the heat already. When […]

Good Planning There, Zoot.

Do you see this weather forecast I grabbed from a local Birmingham, AL affiliate? Do you SEE that the thermometer is going to read 100° but the head index is going to be OVER 105°? DO YOU SEE THIS? Guess what I planned for us earlier in the week? A trip to the Birmingham Zoo […]