ONE More.

After Wes was born we decided we probably wouldn’t have any more kids, definitely didn’t want anymore for awhile, but that we would wait to make a permanent decision until January 2011 which would be 9 months from when NikkiZ would start Kindergarten. We didn’t want more than two preschool kids at a time because […]


I was at Target getting groceries this weekend with the two little ones. Wes in the buggy (shopping cart for those of you not from the South) and Nikki walking along beside me. It was the same drill it always is for us, a constant parade of conversation from aisle to aisle. Sometimes Wes freaking […]


Best Laid Plans…

This house does not have the typical “Open” floorplan you see on new builds these days, probably because it’s almost 30 years old. Our old house, on the other hand, was quite open with the kitchen only closed off from the office/dining room (What? Those rooms aren’t the same in your home?) from a bar. […]