Home Decor: Zoot Style

Look at this awesome frame I bought! I found it in the poster frames at Target, it was the only one they had. It’s a pain in the butt to put together (the entire back is ONE PIECE that must fit PERFECTLY to close) but it was evened out since I didn’t even hang it. […]

Breakfast Party!

I read all of these great ideas on blogs about awesome things to do with/for your children. However, they always seem to require time/talent/skill I don’t have. I share them out – because I would love to do them someday – but I rarely do. Even the “homemade” type of stuff gets expensive if you […]

You Should See The Other Guy

My kids are kinda clumsy. Now, luckily they also inherited their Dad’s athletic skill to counterbalance their mother’s…um…lack of balance. But this means every day when I pick them up from school – it seems one of them as an “injury report” from a teacher. Yesterday? Nikki hit her head on something. Wes? Looked like […]

To Read: I Am Number Four

Every time I reference books on this site, several of you pop up with suggestions of books to read. OR, you ask me for suggestions. OR, we just flat out discuss how we should start a book club. And you know what? I say let’s do it. I’m reading I Am Number Four again before […]

My own worst enemy.

I hate folding laundry. There can be a load in the dryer all day and I’ll dread having to fold it ALL DAY. Every time I walk near the laundry room I think, I should fold that. But the other voice says, Nah. Maybe later. Of course, once I do it? I feel much better…but […]