Breakfast Party!

What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

I read all of these great ideas on blogs about awesome things to do with/for your children. However, they always seem to require time/talent/skill I don’t have. I share them out – because I would love to do them someday – but I rarely do. Even the “homemade” type of stuff gets expensive if you don’t have a lot of the supplies on hand already. And talent? None of my projects ever turn out as awesome as the original.

But this weekend? I came up with my own AWESOME idea. And it requires no time, money or skill!


What...You Don't Have Breakfast Parties?

All I did was put candles in their bagels and sang, “Happy Breakfast to you…” as I served it. They blew the candles out and thought it was the BEST BREAKFAST EVER. They were so excited by such a small shift in an otherwise boring meal that you would have thought I had served their food on the back of a tiger. They told everyone about it and demanded we do it again some day.

Sometimes…it really is the little things, you know?

10 thoughts on “Breakfast Party!”

  1. Have I ever told you I think your cool? I don’t mean in a high, school “popular way” but just cool because your yourself, which in my book makes people cool. I love your ideas. Over and out.

  2. Thanks for the great idea! Today was a snow day so I dug out the NUMBER candles and put the appropriate one in each of the boys’ French toast. They thought it was awesome! We all sang “Happy snow-day breakfast to you!”

  3. Sometimes on the weekends we have a “pancake picnic” and we eat on a blanket spread over the floor in the living room. The kids always love it and have a great time setting the floor while I make pancakes.

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