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Why I Would Marry My Kindle If Alabama Would Make It Legal Already 37

Why I Would Marry My Kindle If Alabama Would Make It Legal Already

Over the summer I started thinking about getting an e-reader. I kept talking about getting the Nook, but then kept going back to just getting nothing because I didn’t think I could let go of reading real books. I’ve always loved holding books, owning them, buying them. I love my bookshelves. BECAUSE THEY HOLD MY REAL BOOKS. How could I let that go for an e-reader? I couldn’t. Luckily, my husband tends to tune me out a lot when I’m rambling, because he never heard me mention anything about e-readers. He got me a Kindle for our anniversary. My first...

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Photo: Keep Up

My teacup, one I bought myself for my collection. And my tea, which I only drink when I’m sick.

A New Defition of “Old Soul” 6

A New Defition of “Old Soul”

Nikki came home from school yesterday with a story. Evidently some kids in her class where talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. She voiced up her opinion of the matter and evidently said, “Guys…that’s inappropriate.” As Donnie and I are smiling seeing that unfold in our heads she sighs and says, “And the teachers started laughing!” Man. It took so much willpower to take a deep breath in that moment and stay calm. WAAAAY more than it does when the kids are being bad. That urge to laugh was greater than any urge to yell I’ve EVER HAD in my entire...

The Other Side 17

The Other Side

Last week was – in my mind – my first official week back at work. It was actually my third week at work, but my first week with bootcamp every morning at 5:30am and no snow to mess up the schedule. 5 days of a 5:30am bootcamp, and an 8-3+ office schedule. I sprinkled in a couple of high school theater obligations here and there and managed to cook 3 of the 5 nights. We did leftovers one night and we ate out another. I think I did a great job, thankyouverymuch. Scratch that. I WAS AWESOME. BUT – being...

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Andreanna’s Beer Chicken

The original recipe for the Beer Chicken I have come to love came from a site that has since moved. The moved recipe is here. The writer, Andreanna, now writes at a splendid new site that you should be following. Especially if you have gluten sensitivities or if you have a primal diet. HOWEVER – I have neither issue and I love just about every recipe of hers I try. So you should follow her NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. ANYWAY…She has the recipe for beer chicken that has become a staple in my family. It is why I bought...