Two years ago I said Goodbye to my Dad. Today I’m in crippling pain due to a plethora of reproductive issues that are always plaguing me, but seem to be at a pinnacle today. I feel like that’s the universe’s way of giving me an excuse to be in bed and grumpy. And also doped […]


Crayon vs Crown from zoot on Vimeo. My daughter started a conversation with me last night about the confusing nature of the two homonyms: Crayon and Crown. I pointed out that they are not – in fact – homonyms. That just because some of us say them the same way…that’s not exactly right. I then […]

Boring Ole Me.

It’s all over and I’m equal parts desperate to have my life get back to normal AND devastated that my life has to get back to normal. It reminds me of my family moon (we had E when we got married so we took a FAMILYmoon instead of a HONEYmoon) and how I was very […]

What You’re Missing…

I haven’t had much time to spend on blog entries lately, with my crazy B&B schedule. I had a night “off” last night and spent it catching up on laundry and dishes and baking and housework. I did all of this instead of writing about any of the topics rolling around in my head. My […]