i just got back a bit of cell service and am typing thison my iPhone w/out the handy WP app bc I didn’t think I’d ever need it. Kinda likes weather radio and an RV. We are fine. Without power in the ENTIRE CITY until Monday (we hope Monday) — I know it’s bad al […]

So Close…

Donnie and Wes unintentionally ended up matching on Easter Sunday. Nothing planned, but I couldn’t resist snapping their picture. First, Donnie squatted down and Wes squatted down next to him. This cracked us up because – while Donnie looked like he was just trying to get down to Wes’s level – Wes looked like he […]


******************************** PRE -BLOG ENTRY DISCLAIMER ******************************** I’m a chronic eye-roller. It is probably my husband’s least-favorite quality because I throw the eyeroll at him at the most mean moments. He’ll have had a rough night’s sleep and say he’s tired and I’ll think of all of the nights I didn’t sleep well with newborn babies […]