Fear Is Most Definitely A Factor

I really REALLY wish someone could do this to me. And while I’m sure roller coasters pass along that same thrill? They scare the shit out of me. I guess the truth is that I want to be a little girl again, being spun around by someone I trust. Because no roller coaster mimics THAT […]

Cutting It Close, As Usual.

Donnie and I are leaving tomorrow for a weekend getaway to our old college town about an hour and a half away. Not an exciting trip, but a small getaway alone. Which we’ve never done except to visit family. We’ve never EVER gone anywhere alone for more than one night. And this weekend? WE GET […]

Daily Dose Of The Giggles.

I’ve been trying to force silly time on myself and my kids lately. Tossing balloons around the kitchen. Pretending to shoot aliens with goo-guns at the playground. Making goofy faces in the mirror. I have been trying to consciously add moments here and there that make us all smile and laugh. I’ve been doing this […]

Keeping Family Dinner A Part Of Game Nights

You know what is one consistent way to describe any night involving a child’s sporting event? SCHEDULING NIGHTMARE. Evening activities associated with extra-curriculars for kids are scheduling nightmares…FOR EVERYONE. I’ve had no job keeping me during the day, I’ve had a job keeping me for longer hours during the day, and no situation makes these […]

To Nag, Or Not To Nag

How many times a day do you gripe at your kids? Because there are some days that I feel like that if you divide the words that come out of my mouth into two categories (1) Gripe/Nap/Punish (2) Everything Else – then there will be a heavier balance on the unpleasant side. It’s a constant […]