Happy. And Not A Sociopath.

As one of my children gets closer and closer to the ADULT DECISIONS phase of his life (college, career, etc) I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want for my kids. How do I want to guide him? Advise him? What lessons do I want him to learn that I felt were […]

Some New Variations On Old Faves

For every birthday party, it seems, someone asks for Cake Poppers. And while I still stand by the Red Velvet/Chocolate combination being my favorite flavor, I do like to try to have fun with the appearance once in awhile. Hobby Lobby sells some great colors of candy coating, but it’s all vanilla. And since it’s […]

Thing One and Thing Two

Thing One graduated from preschool this weekend. I’ve been making fun of the concept of a Preschool Graduation all week. REALLY? They are wearing caps and gowns? REALLY? This seems a little silly, don’t you think? And then…what did I do? I cried through the entire thing. Partly because my daughter is growing up and […]