This is Wesleyan Hall. It was the building Donnie and I studied in while getting our Geography degrees at the University of North Alabama. I spent many hours in that building and even a few nights working on projects for school and work. E even slept up there a few times. One notable time, I […]

My Teacher

I just love this picture. I love that she looks so natural doing this because it gives me hope that she’ll navigate the waters of femininity better than I did. I used to blame being raised by a Man in a house with a Brother and no other female for my inadequacy in that department. […]

Random Notes About TV

We all know I love TV. I don’t watch as much as I used to, but I do still watch more than most people. And this is my periodic blog entry dedicated to TV as the Fall Season wraps up. This blog entry is full of spoilers, if you’re not caught up on your shows […]

Freakin’ BUGS.

I kept the interwebs updated in other areas about the BUG DRAMA that unfolded in our lives this weekend. It all started Friday when Wes found this dead beetle on our porch. He started carrying it around and while I took pictures of his sister before his dance recital, he insisted that I take a […]