Monthly Archive: June 2011

Victory Over The Cake Poppers 10

Victory Over The Cake Poppers

I made patriotic cake poppers! I’m always afraid of over-using food coloring so I went a little light on coloring the cakes. Turns out, I probably went too light as they both look a wee pastel. HOWEVER, they are still AWESOME, aren’t they? Yes. Yes, they are. I made them earlier this week because I knew with evening boot camps and E finally coming back from Seattle, it would be harder to find time closer to Sunday when we’re having our Family dinner. Therefore, the ENTIRE TRAY of these gorgeous cake poppers has been hanging out in the fridge TAUNTING...

train 0

Photo: Railroad

I love this photo because it looks all artsy when in reality I took it while we were riding the Kiddie Train at Spring Park in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Using His Cuteness For Evil 2

Using His Cuteness For Evil

Have you seen my kid? He’s kinda cute. Each of my kids have had their own implements of evil in terms of cuteness. E had this adorable head of curly hair and a dreamy sweet disposition. Nikki had this sassy personality, even as a toddler. Wes? Has giant blue eyes. All of these traits have allowed my children to manipulate adults they have brief interactions with. Nikki actually managed to score MONEY out of a stranger one time. THREE WHOLE QUARTERS from an elderly gentleman who chatted with us outside a Mexican Restaurant. E never had to take a nap...

First: A Strange Rant. Second: Why I Love Photoshop. 11

First: A Strange Rant. Second: Why I Love Photoshop.

I saw this clip on ABC New (I believe that’s who it was) the other day when I was getting my car serviced. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t be watching the news. It irritates me most days.) They were doing a segment about how film is on it’s way out in terms of photography. They decided the best people to discuss this with, was a bunch of hipsters from Parsons School of Design. Now, I like Hipsters. They’re way cooler than I am. But like any segment of the population, there are the extreme versions that are just caricatures of real people...

Truth In Advertising Part III 10

Truth In Advertising Part III

I read a lot of blogs from crafty chefs who create beautiful things by hand. I get inspired and often try to recreate what they’ve done with their kids or in their kitchen. I then come and show these successful attempts to you. But I want to make one thing clear: I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER PEOPLE. Example: Rainbow Pasta! I found the idea on Pinterest of course (I think I still have invites if you want one!) and set out to do this with the kids this weekend. Look a the great pictures of the project!...