The thing I’ve been telling people the most often about running, is the thing I can’t remember the source of. But the basic idea is this: Have a running schedule. When the time comes for one of your scheduled runs, if you don’t want to do it? Just put on your running clothes and get […]

Where I’ve Been.

This weekend was stressful and I was quite absent online yesterday. Instead of doing that again today, I’m just to going to write a very BORING entry to explain so that I can get this off my chest because it’s STRESSING ME OUT. Thank you for letting me vent…in advance. As everyone who has pets […]

Autumn Chase

Now…on to brag about my DAUGHTER! She ran the Autumn Chase yesterday. It’s just a 1-mile fun run, but it’s a huge event kids from all over the city attend. As legend has it, Donnie won a medal in 1st grade from doing the mile in 7 minutes plus some. Nikki had never run a […]