Thanksgiving Recipe Review

We didn’t have Thanksgiving on Thursday this year because we were missing 3 members of our local family. We did a BBQ at our house for those who were hear. I tried a couple new recipes that day and then I tried a new casserole on Sunday when we celebrated our our Thanksgiving at my […]

Important Skills

This week’s article at CafeMom has me teaching my kids how to make breakfast burritos. Or, quite possibly, the world’s most perfect breakfast food. Read the article here. My children are picky eaters. And, of course, they’re picky in different ways. This puts us in a position where we struggled coming up with meal options […]

That Damn Elf.

So, I mentioned on Facebook recently that I was thinking about doing the whole “Elf on the Shelf” thing this year in an attempt to scare my children into behaving better. Everyone who has used it have varying degrees of effectiveness, and as long as no one said, “IT MADE MY CHILD MORE EVIL!” then […]