Still A Newbie In The Kitchen

We had Donnie’s birthday dinner this week and I wanted to make him a real cake instead of one from a box. I’ve never made a birthday cake from scratch before and I found the “perfect” recipe on pinterest. It seemed rich and it was made with strong coffee. PERFECT for Donnie.

And as you can see by this lovely picture I took? It turned out BEAUTIFULLY.

I posted this photo on Facebook with some sort of bitter snarky comment about how OBVIOUSLY something went wrong. My friend Alicia suggested maybe I had used self-rising flour instead of all-purpose. Evidently, self-rising flour has baking soda and salt in it. (Who knew? NOT ME.) Which would mean there was too much of both used in the recipe because I added both of those things along with the flour.

Now, I didn’t know what self-rising flour was until this weekend, but I know I usually avoid buying it. BUT – I put the flour in a container when I get home, so I couldn’t check for sure that I had used the right flour. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the recipe again with a new batch of flour unless I knew for sure that was the cause. THEN…I remembered the pumpkin bread I made last weekend with the new flour. It was made in a bundt pan but it was crumbly and it had a tunnel going through the middle. I had made this bread 100 times before and that had NEVER happened.

(Why it didn’t occur to me THEN that I had done something wrong, I have no idea.)

I bought new (ALL PURPOSE!) flour and gave the recipe another try. It worked! Of course, mine didn’t look as good as the picture, (sidenote: I HATE HOW PRETTY CAKES LOOK IN RECIPE PICTURES. Mine never look that good. HATE.) but it was edible and yummy. Not that pretty because I still can’t seem to ice cakes worth a crap, but it was good!

Then, I took the deflated cake and made a trifle with it by simply layering the crumbling deflated cake with chocolate syrup and cool-whip. TA DA! 2 very yummy desserts that looked kinda good! And I learned what self-rising flour was. WIN/WIN!

5 thoughts on “Still A Newbie In The Kitchen”

  1. Thanks to you, I just went and checked my grocery order to make sure I ordered all-purpose flour! Thank you for helping me avoid a disaster!

  2. I had no idea either! Wow… I learned something today! SWEET! I will always buy all purpose. Sorry you had to make two cakes, but I appreciate the lesson.

  3. You made two yummy desserts that look REALLY good! Those recipe book desserts TOTALLY get the photoshop/airbrushed look.

    Personally, I prefer for my desserts to keep it real.

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