Christmas Cake Poppers

So…you all know that cake poppers are my thing. They’re basically ugly Bakerella cake balls. We call them “poppers” because then we don’t have the pressure of them being spherical. They can be blobs. And they are. I thought I’d show you guys how I make my poppers Christmas-ready since I don’t have the made […]


The One About The Boob Punching

Dear Adorable Children Of Mine, We need to have a talk. There have been a few incidents of misbehavior lately from you both that I’ve gotten really angry about. I’ve even yelled on occasion, and I really try to save that move for really bad things. I’ve put you in time out, I’ve taken away […]


Applebee’s French Fries are EVIL

I actually did really well eating on our trip. Traveling is one of those stimuli that tend to make people struggling with weight loss or health lose all willpower. New irresistible food! Difficulty find means to exercise! Busy schedules! All of these things combine to make it very difficult to stay on any healthy path […]