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Lessons In YouTube

I’ll be honest. Until several months ago I was simply a casual YouTube user. I watched whatever videos went viral but beyond that? Eh. Whatevs. Then E turned me onto Daily Grace. And that’s when I discovered that there are people who create fresh content regularly on their own YouTube channels. WHO KNEW? It’s just […]


Sharing Time!

When you juggle as many balls as I do, you periodically drop one or two. It doesn’t mean you need to quit juggling, it just means you got a little overwhelmed and one hit the ground. What matters is the importance of that ball. Did you forget milk at the grocery store – something easily […]


Insert Exasperated Sigh Here.

Wes is so adorable. Don’t let those big blue eyes fool you. He’s pure evil with big floppy blonde curls. ************************* I mentioned recently that Wes’s behavior been SO MUCH BETTER as he gets closer to the age of 4. I even took him to his first rehearsal for “Alice in Wonderland” the other day […]