Go, Go, Go Joseph!

This is my first year as the Producer for E’s school musical. It’s only my third year doing anything theatre related whatsoever. In this type of setting, the Producer requires no real talents or skill, just the ability to Organize and Manage on MASSIVE SCALES. I spend a lot of time on the phone and […]

Yesterday's 'Joseph' related activity

Team Mommy

I know it seems like just last week that I was talking about how busy I was with Alice in Wonderland…but it was actually TWO weeks ago. Which is plenty of time to jump head-first into the show I’m actually “producing” (I put that in quotes because I don’t want anyone to take the title […]


Ready For Some Ew.

With this new blog layout I’m “supposed” to put a picture up with each entry. The temptation was quite strong to photograph what I’m going to be talking about. But instead? I’ll show you some flowers. To counteract the “Ew…” factor of this entry. Last year when I started really running, it was to train […]