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“There’s no reason why you can’t be punk and have good skin.” Laura Jane Grace is the vocal lead of Against Me! – a band who made one of the albums on my Top 10 Life List (New Wave) and one of my favorite running songs (Stop!). Laura just recently came out as a transgender woman and I love this House Of Style episode that features her because…OH MY GOD, she’s so HAPPY. If you have ever read or seen an interview from her about living closeted, she talked about how miserable she was. So…seeing her talk about her favorite shoes (Heels – evidently – correct your posture for singing anyway) and skincare products, she just looks full of joy. And I can NOT imagine the teenagers whose lives she’s changing with videos like this. LOVE HER.


This guy builds a TARDIS that actually DOES look bigger on the inside! And I want to be his BFF


The winner of this video is his WIFE who did exactly what I would have done, filmed her husband doing this hysterical thing and posted it to the internet for the world to laugh at.


I’m loving all of the Pitch Perfect items I’m seeing out and about now that EVERYONE ELSE has fallen in love with the movie too.


Do you watch Parks and Rec? Then you NEED to see this Pinterest board.


On Steubenville High School & Teaching Boys Not To Rape

So here I am, days away from my son’s sixth birthday, thinking about how we need to teach our boys not to rape, instead of cautioning our daughters on how not to get raped. We need to flip the script when it comes to discussing rape and admit that yes, we live in a society that promotes and enables rape culture. Only then can we go about dismantling it. We need to explain to our sons why “jokes” like the ones in the video are not funny. We need to get to a point where every boy in that room stands up and says “This isn’t okay to joke about.”


You can follow an astronaut from the ISS on Twitter! THE INTERNET IS AWESOME.


I’m torn between wanting to A) Be this girl B) Dance with this girl and C) Make out with this girl. I have watched this video so many times it’s not even funny.


E realized that my boxset copy of “The Fault In Our Stars” that I got (myself) for Christmas is signed by Hank and John Green!


Confessions of a Teenage Word-Bully – A long read but a really good one. These bullying stories do break my heart, not just for the victim, but for the bullies because I don’t think they’re all destined to be asshole adults. But, how we make sure they’re not asshole kids is a whole other story. For the record, I was put on a list in high school one time as “Kim ‘The Whore’ Moore” and it was devastating. (I was not a whore.) But part of me worried it was karmic payback from forming a “We Hate Caroline Club” in the 3rd grade against a new girl that was prettier than me.

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2 Responses

  1. Monica says:

    That man in the snow is crazy! If I was his wife I would have been tempted to lock him out of the house and make him dance for the video before I let him back in. I love the way he hid behind the trashcan when a car came by.

    And the dancing girl! I would never have this kind of nerve! But you know, not that many people really watched her; it was strange. It was like they thought if they just ignored her she wasn’t really there or something.

    Now I’m off to read the other links.

  2. Katherine says:

    Rose! David Tennant!! Timey Whimey! Awesome Tardis!

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