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Kim Is Killing It


I actually slept until 5:30am this morning after a 20+ hour day yesterday that included a marathon wrapped with 5 hours of travel. I’ll deliver a longer race report tomorrow, but know I survived. I finished 8’ish minutes slower than my A goal, but 7 minutes faster than my B goal. And since it was […]


And So It Begins…

We signed a contract with a realtor this week to sell our house. We’re hoping to get the majority of the work WE need to do done in the next two weeks and hopefully have someone professional come over to do some of the stuff we can’t/don’t want to do. We’re hoping neither costs us […]


2:50am is the new 4:10am

I remember when my natural morning alarm started shifting closer to 4am instead of 5am, and I actually didn’t mind it too much. I really love my mornings. It’s quiet, I get a lot done, I have my coffee and my day is new and fresh and I haven’t screwed anything up yet. So, getting […]


Tornado Prep

For Hurricanes and Wildfires, evacuation orders are ideally given at least a day or so before the actual event, and you can get a pretty good sense of where it’s going to hit and know where your home falls in danger’s path. With tornados, we luckily get a day or so warning of the POTENTIAL, […]