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What Keeps Us Sane On Road Trips

Neither of our kids have tablets or devices that they have free reign to play with. On special events or occasions or when we’re just desperate for a quiet dinner out – we’ll let Wes use our iPhones but that’s about it. The only screen they have to help them on road trips is the […]


Unexpected Gifts

I’ve had the joy of being on the receiving end of dozens and dozens of unexpected gifts in my adult life. Whether it’s hand-made stuff from my mother-in-law who has cornered the market on Best Personal Gift Ever, or whether it was an accidental headband purchase by my husband who THOUGHT he was purchasing a […]


A Follow-Up: What It Doesn’t Mean

Quick note regarding yesterday’s post and the continuuing story coming out of Ferguson. I will post my “real” Nablopomo moments after this one! TWO IN ONE DAY! JUST LIKE YESTERDAY! Some of the rebuttals I’ve seen around the web toward people expressing support of those upset in Ferguson lead me to believe some points may […]


A wise friend of mine posted words today and they really hit home. I wanted to share them with you. I’ve seen people get irritated on social media today that the internet won’t quit talking about Ferguson. I’ve seen others claim racism is over and that this has nothing to do with race. I’ve seen […]


Teaching Lessons

I sat at the computer last night with my Ferguson twitter list open and my live feed running and talked to my daughter about the justice system and how it works. I explained the reason for trials (“Because it’s not always easy to tell if someone is guilty or not.”) and the idea of Innocent […]