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Finding More Hours In My Day.

I’ve often p’shawed people (Totally made up that word…it’s when you “P’shaw!” at someone. Am I the only one that every says, “P’shaw!”? Well, then I guess I’m the only one who will ever “p’shaw someone” then.) who say things like, “I don’t see how you do it all!” Because I felt like I always […]

Play Room

Reduce. Reduce. Reduce.

The house I grew up in was 1000 square feet, approximately. I remember that Donnie is the one that told me my house was small, sometime before we got married. And even though I had grown up in the house, I didn’t realize it was that small. He tried to convince me it was smaller […]

Kim Is Killing It


I actually slept until 5:30am this morning after a 20+ hour day yesterday that included a marathon wrapped with 5 hours of travel. I’ll deliver a longer race report tomorrow, but know I survived. I finished 8’ish minutes slower than my A goal, but 7 minutes faster than my B goal. And since it was […]