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A Better Me


A wise friend of mine posted words today and they really hit home. I wanted to share them with you. I’ve seen people get irritated on social media today that the internet won’t quit talking about Ferguson. I’ve seen others claim racism is over and that this has nothing to do with race. I’ve seen […]


Just Keep [Insert -ing word here]

I’m very frustrated lately at all of the backtracking I’ve been doing in my life. My efforts to be a better Mom/Wife/Runner/Eater have all backslidden and I found myself stress eating a box of donuts in my car again yesterday. It was like “Throwback Tuesday – Food Addict Style”. But I woke up this morning […]


I Was Wrong.

We are in an era now, with the popularity of the internet and social networking, that we can quickly discover that some people are affected negatively by our words/actions where we might not have otherwise known. For example, because I’ve always had friends and family in the LGBT community, I’ve been aware of the negative […]