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Family Memories

I come from two VERY large Catholic families so I have PLENTY of memories of rituals/traditions from my childhood. We also gathered annually for most of my childhood, giving me even more to remember. I don’t know if my kids will walk away with these type of memories, they should at least remember Sunday dinners. […]


2:50am is the new 4:10am

I remember when my natural morning alarm started shifting closer to 4am instead of 5am, and I actually didn’t mind it too much. I really love my mornings. It’s quiet, I get a lot done, I have my coffee and my day is new and fresh and I haven’t screwed anything up yet. So, getting […]

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I like darkness and silence when I sleep. It’s actually something that keeps Donnie and I from sharing a bed when we sleep because he likes to fall asleep watching TV which is both bright and loud. When we all shared a hotel room recently for his triathlon, NONE of us slept until he fell […]