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Celebrating Thursdays In Hawaii

IT IS STILL THURSDAY SOMEWHERE IN THE U.S. SO I DID NOT MISS A DAY. Quickly! Here are two photos explaining why I (almost) missed yesterday. (I made up that rule. It holds.) A good chunk of my day yesterday was at Wes’s school helping his class make these shirts. It was insane because “Classroom […]

A Traveling Post? From Me?

We’ve discussed before how I am NOT a “traveler” in any typical definition of the word. I’m a home body and nine million things about traveling give me SUCH anxiety that there is not really any part of me feels like my life will be less without a foreign trip somewhere. However… I heard this […]


Tornado Prep

For Hurricanes and Wildfires, evacuation orders are ideally given at least a day or so before the actual event, and you can get a pretty good sense of where it’s going to hit and know where your home falls in danger’s path. With tornados, we luckily get a day or so warning of the POTENTIAL, […]


Two Words: NAKED. TENTS.

We did it! Short story? Donnie finished 6 minutes faster than his dream time. It was a great day for all of us! I’ll post the longer story later but I thought I’d share some interesting/weird things I learned Sunday. If you think Why would I find this interesting? I don’t care about triathlons. you […]


Let’s Do It.

Well! Today is the day! We leave this afternoon for Chattanooga where Donnie will run the Inaugural Ironman in the city. He’s been training since April for this event, has been coached since May, and has blown my mind every step of the way. If you aren’t familiar with what training for an Ironman looks […]