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Wrong Foot, Indeed.

I misread the orientation cards for my kids and thought Wesley’s was at 5pm last night and Nikki’s was at 5:30pm. Once I realized what I had done I tried to find help but it was 5pm and that’s a little bit late to get anyone to come save you from that kind of error.

So, I sat down the kids and told them I would spend a little bit of time with Wes’s teacher because I know who she is and Nikki was in First Grade two years ago so there’s probably not too much that has changed. Then, we would go to Third Grade where Nikki had the new teacher and this was a new year.

And of course, Wes started sobbing.

I was pretty close to sobbing too.

TL;DR – Everything worked out fine. No one is permanently scarred.

photo (4)HOWEVER, in years past the orientation has been a little more detailed. Teachers had “formal” type presentations where they discussed everything from schedules to technology to homework. That’s what we were all expecting. So, to have to miss some of that by walking out early stressed out Wes and upset him terribly. Nikki didn’t feel that awesome about me being late to hers either, but she didn’t cry because at least she got the longer portion of the evening.

And I felt FANTASTIC. We all start the school year happy for a fresh start. THIS year will be the BEST, right? We will do things differently! Be organized! Volunteer more! I mean, until I found out how much out of pocket cash you have to spend, I was thinking about maybe even being room Mom this year!

Alas, we started off a bit off track. Which tends to make a person feel pretty crappy about the future.

The good news? We went to Wes’s classroom early and she told us that nothing formal was supposed to be going on. Teachers this year were just introducing and helping put up school supplies. Nothing major. That way no one had to panic about overlapping times or inability to come due to work. So, in reality? We didn’t miss anything from either class.

But MAN. How crappy did I feel? And I can’t even change anything to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I swear I read that card 100 times. But once you read it wrong ONCE, you read it the SAME WAY every time, evidently. I even “double checked” the times several time. The best I can think is that my brain was still looking at the Kindergarten time instead of First Grade even though I know he’s starting First Grade.

SO! Today is our first day of school! I’m hoping my screw-up at last night’s orientation is not indicative of the year to come!

Now – tell me YOUR stories of starting off on the wrong foot, just to make me feel better.


My Dearest Wesley,

This morning I attended a Valentine’s Day/Book Fair breakfast with you and your sister at your school. Being in that environment with you reminded me of one of your favorite qualities and I’m not sure I’ve every written about it.

You, my son, are what I am calling a Compulsive Greeter.

If you see someone you know, you MUST say, “Hello!” to them. It’s entertained me before as sometimes you’re quite persistent. I’ve seen you holler at your favorite teachers across the lunchroom SEVERAL times until they finally hear that you’re trying to say, “Hello!” to them. You say good morning to the teacher that helps you out of the car every day, you say hello to friends walking by the van, you say hello to teachers as you walk into school.

Just this morning, on our walk into school, you greeted parent volunteer and a member of the custodial staff, BOTH BY NAME.

I am inherently shy and introverted and get VERY nervous in social situations. However, I have learned that REALLY trying to learn people’s names and greeting them accordingly helps relax me a little. And here you come by that naturally! It’s such an easy and smooth thing for you to do and I have had to teach myself and it STILL stresses me out!

It just warms my heart so much. I’m worried this is something you’ll grow out of, as you may start to realize other children don’t do it, but I really hope you don’t. I hope you carry that trait forever because you need to understand how much it warms the hearts of others to be greeted by name, with a smile.

Especially a smile as beautiful as yours.

Love you,



Wesley Has Had A Good Week.

He Got To Cut His Hair! (Sort of.)


He’s been wanting to shave his head so we let him cut his hair first. He thought it was hysterical. I even played around some (hence the bottom left picture) before Donnie finally cleaned it all up with a buzzcut. Super Adorbs!

And then…he’s had some AWESOME moments this week. Moments that I document on Facebook for friends and family, but I realized I needed to put them here to so I can read them when he’s 16 and being grounded for sneaking out in the middle of the night.

Wesley’s Adorability As Told Via Facebook Statuses This Week

Wes came to me wrapped in a towel to show me his haircut and I said, “It looks great! Now you need to take a bath to wash the hair off.”

He stared at me silently for a good solid beat and said, “I literally JUST took a bath. I’m still wet. THIS IS WHY I’M WEARING A TOWEL.”

I cried, I laughed so hard. I mean, I did kinda ask for it…

(And yes…that is a DIRECT quote. He even raised his voice when I used all caps. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.)

Donnie and I were struggling for clarification from Wesley this morning, one of those moments where we weren’t sure we were hearing what we thought we were hearing. As we were laughing Wesley exasperatingly said:

“Like…right now! You’re laughing! You’re crapping up!”

Once I calmed down I explained to him that I was “CRACKING” up. Not “CRAPPING” up…which is an entirely different thing that is NOT a laughing matter.

“100 + ground beef = 100 and ground beef.”

Complex math from Wesley.

Dear Neighborhood,
Let’s all pretend we didn’t hear the loud voice coming from my house saying, “No, sir! You are five years old! You wipe your OWN butt! I am not helping you!”

Wes got up early and was playing a game next to me by my desk while I worked. When I got up to make some more coffee he said, “Don’t worry, Mom! I’ll save your seat!”

No coworker ever offered to save my seat when I got up for coffee working in an office. Working from home definitely has it’s perks.

And One Tweet…

On Death And Eyelashes…

As an atheist I’m very pragmatic about the way I talk to my kids about death. We talk about how my Dad was cremated and how I want to be cremated too. We talk about how once we’re dead our bodies are useless so PaPaw didn’t want his body being stored in a coffin somewhere and I talk about how I don’t want my body taking up space on the planet anywhere.

So…periodically the kids just like to talk about “when we set our bodies on fire” or “when we burn our dead bodies” because they find the whole thing morbidly fascinating. The other night the conversation went like this:

Nyoka: I think I want my body to be set on fire too and you can throw my ashes into the ocean so I can be eaten by sharks.

Me: The term is “cremated” – but even if we did that – the sharks wouldn’t eat your ashes. Your ashes would just probably dissolve and you’d just be part of the ocean ecosystem…EVERYWHERE. That would be kinda cool.

Nyoka: What do you want us to do with your ashes?

Me: I don’t care. I’ll be dead. If you all have something special you WANT to do with them, go for it. I don’t want you to keep them, but I also don’t care if you just flush them down the toilet.

Wesley: When I die, I want my eyelashes flushed down the toilet so I can become part of everyone’s poop.


My Birthday Boy

My Dearest Angel,

We don’t do yearly birthday parties in our house. We save the big celebrations with the fancy cake and themes for the big birthdays. Today is your first of those. Your 5th birthday. The year you start big school. The year you learn to read. The year you get a library card. The year you can finally drink beer at our family gatherings.

I’m just kidding! We don’t let you drink beer until you’re 8, you know that.

Right now I spend a lot of time talking to you about how you have such a good heart, you just sometimes make bad decisions. Because you get in trouble so often, I feel like it’s very important I remind you that I think you are a good person who I love dearly. Even if sometimes you spit in my face when you’re angry.

You love animals. All animals, really. You freak out if you see a bird close to us and squeal, “He’s so cute!!!!!!” You point out every squirrel you see, which sometimes gets a little annoying because there are a LOT of squirrels in our neighborhood. You want to pet every dog you see. We have taught you to respect dogs, however, and owner’s are always very impressed when you ask first before petting their dogs. You get bored playing games on my cellphone but you could hold our cat Sunflower and pet her for hours without moving. You are – deep down – a kindred spirit to all animals and I love seeing you interact with them.

You also love babies! The same instincts that make you so kind to animals come out around babies too. You want to rub their heads and pet their faces constantly. So far, your big blue eyes make it so that the Mothers of the Babies don’t seem to mind your attention. I’m not sure if that will last forever, but as long as it does I’m grateful. I love seeing you with babies, especially the ones in our family, I love watching you be so sweet to them.

I always tell everyone that you’re my snuggle bunny. Of my three kids, you’re the one who wants hugs and snuggles at all hours a day. And you give the BEST HUGS. Even though you are now five, just yesterday I carried you into Target and you wrapped your arms around my neck, squeezed me so tight and said, “I love you so much, Momma.” That is why I say you have a good heart, because your instincts are always to be loving and sweet. You just haven’t learned how to deal with your anger yet. But you know how to deal with the love you feel for family, animals, and babies. And I love seeing that every day.

You are probably going to be my last child. We wanted to have more but my body is just no cooperating in that area. So, I’ve been settling into the idea of you being the baby of the family forever. That means that every milestone you cross will carry a bit of sadness because I won’t see any one else pass that point as my child again. So, while I’m very excited you’re turning 5, I’m also very sad to say goodbye to all of the baby and toddler and preschool years we’ve had together. I wish I had savored them more.

I know you won’t call me your Best Friend for much longer, eventually you’ll make real Best Friends in school. I know you won’t give me those snuggle hugs forever. Or rub my back while we watch TV. I know you won’t ask me to lay down with you at night or carry you to breakfast in the morning. All of those things are fading as you become such a big boy! So, I’ll enjoy them while I can and I’ll proudly watch you grow up this year.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Angel. For every one time you get in trouble there are 1000 times that you make me proud every day. I hope you don’t ever forget that.

Love, Momma.