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Wrong Foot, Indeed.

I misread the orientation cards for my kids and thought Wesley’s was at 5pm last night and Nikki’s was at 5:30pm. Once I realized what I had done I tried to find help but it was 5pm and that’s a little bit late to get anyone to come save you from that kind of error. […]


My Dearest Wesley,

This morning I attended a Valentine’s Day/Book Fair breakfast with you and your sister at your school. Being in that environment with you reminded me of one of your favorite qualities and I’m not sure I’ve every written about it. You, my son, are what I am calling a Compulsive Greeter. If you see someone […]


Wesley Has Had A Good Week.

He Got To Cut His Hair! (Sort of.) He’s been wanting to shave his head so we let him cut his hair first. He thought it was hysterical. I even played around some (hence the bottom left picture) before Donnie finally cleaned it all up with a buzzcut. Super Adorbs! And then…he’s had some AWESOME […]


My Birthday Boy

My Dearest Angel, We don’t do yearly birthday parties in our house. We save the big celebrations with the fancy cake and themes for the big birthdays. Today is your first of those. Your 5th birthday. The year you start big school. The year you learn to read. The year you get a library card. […]