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My Birthday Boy

My Dearest Angel, We don’t do yearly birthday parties in our house. We save the big celebrations with the fancy cake and themes for the big birthdays. Today is your first of those. Your 5th birthday. The year you start big school. The year you learn to read. The year you get a library card. […]


When You Die Can We Get A New Mommy?

Wes is still quite obsessed with death. Lately it’s manifested in a bit of a different way, though. It seems Wes has figured out that he gets some positive attention in the form of hugs and snuggles if he speaks about death in a sad/sweet way. Like, “Momma, I’m going to miss you so much […]


The One With The…Um…Adult Films.

If you follow me on Twitter or are local and therefore friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know this story already. But it’s one of those rare incidents in my life that I think are entertaining enough to be written about IN ALL OF THE PLACES. So! I’m working from home now. Part time (hopefully […]


A Boy And His Dog

If there’s anything my kids have taught me about the innate nature of humans, it’s that you’re either born a dog person or you’re not. I believe you can learn to love dogs at some point in your life, but if Nikki and Wes are any indication, you are born one way or another. Nikki […]