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And So It Begins…

We signed a contract with a realtor this week to sell our house. We’re hoping to get the majority of the work WE need to do done in the next two weeks and hopefully have someone professional come over to do some of the stuff we can’t/don’t want to do. We’re hoping neither costs us […]


It’s The Little Things, Really.

Some time in 2000 Donnie and I decided we were sick of laundromats and we were close enough to graduating that we could put a washer and dryer on a credit card. We walked into Sears and just pointed to the cheapest washer and the cheapest dryer and said, “That’s what we want.” The salesman […]

UP. and DOWN. and UP. and DOWN.

I’m pretty active and fit, right? Well…not this week. Just as an aside, I’m in a slump. I don’t want to do the 14 millionth “I’m Feeling Down!” entry chronicling it, so just know I’m in a slump. I haven’t run or done ANYTHING since Sunday. Except binge eat. It’s been awesome. But! Before that! […]