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Getting It Off My Chest

Okay. I’m in a funk because the universe keeps taking giant poops on my head and I feel like I need to just get it all off my chest in one #FirstWorldProblems type entry so I an let it go and quit crying in local parking lots. (Yes. That happened. I’m sufficiently ashamed.) I mean, […]

I am not a big blogger by any means. I don’t make any money on this site right here. Sometimes I write on OTHER sites where I might make some money, but this site makes me nothing. It has no ads and no sponsored content. And I don’t even really have the type of traffic […]


Wanted: New Running Skirt

I wrote here once before about how I spent summer of 2012 trying to find a good running skirt. See? My thighs rub BAD when I run. I chafe like a mother trucker. Sprays/gels/powder/bars all help a little bit, but once you run more than an hour or sweat more than two, your best ammunition […]