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My Wedding


Three years ago today was, what LilZ and I often call, “The Best Day Of Our Lives.” (MrZ doesn’t quite have the flair for the dramatic that we have – he prefers “A Super Rockin’ Day.”) I started the day off with a limo ride with LilZ and his friends to thank them for helping […]

Handle This Entry With Care

“I’ll NEVER get married again. I am just not cut out for long-term commitment. Don’t get me wrong – I won’t run away from my knight in shining armor if he arrives, but I don’t believe he exists.” That was one of the first conversations MrZ and I ever had. We had been flirting for […]


I think I mentioned that my first wedding was your typical white dress/veil/string quartet/church/(pregnant bride – hehe) type wedding. I didnt plan any of it – I just showed up, wore the dress, and did what I was supposed to do. And tried NOT to smack the photographer when she kept trying to tell me […]

LilZoot – The Man of the Hour

LilZoot had quite a bit of responsibility the day I got married. He had to escort Ariel and Leah down the aisle during the bridal party procession, and he had to circle back around to come escort me down the aisle. Since my brain turned to mush about 30 minutes before the wedding (Seriously mush. […]