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We’re struggling with adjustments in the new house – if you have any experience or stories of triumph (Heh.) in any of these areas, please let me know! This new house has an upstairs and a downstairs. It actually has a staircase on either side of the house, instead of one in the middle, so […]

Automatic Smile Inducer

I took both kids to the doctor today. AndyZ because he was running a fever (turned out to be an ear infection) and NikkiZ because she needed a note to go back to school since she’s had a few instances of diarrhea in the last week. On the way back from the doctor, I called […]

It Always Goes Back To The Poop

This picture was taken last night while I was cooking dinner. Do you know what NikkiZ was doing? She was PLAYING. It’s been since Saturday that we’ve seen that. SATURDAY. Almost a whole week of no playing. It was a beautiful sight. Until I saw that she had dumped every container of food and dishes […]