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Adjustments 32


We’re struggling with adjustments in the new house – if you have any experience or stories of triumph (Heh.) in any of these areas, please let me know! This new house has an upstairs and a downstairs. It actually has a staircase on either side of the house, instead of one in the middle, so it’s easy not to hear what’s going on when the kids are sleeping. The good news? I can now wash dishes and do laundry without fear of waking them up. The bad news? I now have to carry around a monitor with me everywhere in...

The One In Which I Talk Way Too Much About Someone Else’s Poop 7

The One In Which I Talk Way Too Much About Someone Else’s Poop

I was trying to work on the “parent part” of some crafts the kids are doing for Mother’s Day while they were playing in the tub last night. Suddenly NikkiZ hollers “EWWW!” and I turn my head to see her standing up and saying, “Mom! AndyZ pooped in the bathtub again!” This is what I get for telling the story last week about the “First time he every pooped in the tub!” – this is going to be a habit now. That was a Rookie mistake. I drop everything I’m doing and try not to laugh as we repeat the...

Automatic Smile Inducer 24

Automatic Smile Inducer

I took both kids to the doctor today. AndyZ because he was running a fever (turned out to be an ear infection) and NikkiZ because she needed a note to go back to school since she’s had a few instances of diarrhea in the last week. On the way back from the doctor, I called two people at work to explain that I got her note, I was taking her to school, and I’d be in shortly. After I got off the phone, NikkiZ took the doctor’s note while we were driving and put it to her ear like it...

It Always Goes Back To The Poop 14

It Always Goes Back To The Poop

This picture was taken last night while I was cooking dinner. Do you know what NikkiZ was doing? She was PLAYING. It’s been since Saturday that we’ve seen that. SATURDAY. Almost a whole week of no playing. It was a beautiful sight. Until I saw that she had dumped every container of food and dishes for her kitchen out all over the dining room floor. Then I remember – I HATE PLAYING. Just kidding. Playing is awesome. I’d clean up that mess any day if it meant NikkiZ was feeling well again. I knew she was feeling better when she...

The Cuteness Numbs The Olfactory Senses 16

The Cuteness Numbs The Olfactory Senses

It’s a good thing there exist so many adorable photos of my son in this world. They seem to serve as a mood-changer for those days where I’m really sick of getting puked or pooped on. Because this week? So far? I’ve been pooped on twice and spit-up on several times EVERY DAY. Somehow the smell of spit-up on my shoulder is less disgusting when I know it’s a kid that looks like this that did it to me.