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Yes. I'm coping with beer. I know this is not healthy.

Second Verse, Same As The First.

If you’ve clicked over from Facebook – this is the post I wrote after my last miscarriage in September of 2012. We decided after that to stop trying to have more children because my heart couldn’t take anymore loss. **************************************** Two interesting notes. 1) I’ve never had two consecutive baby-producing pregnancies. 2) I’ve written “We […]

I would just like to go on record saying that I was almost 8 weeks pregnant when I did this, and it was even doctor approved!

Why I Whine

I’m not usually a whiner. I have my moments – for sure. But as a general personality trait, it’s not me. But lately? It’s all I do. Every time someone asks me how I’m doing I mention that I hate not being able to run or do boot camp and that I’m hoping I’ll be […]


First Time For Everything

The kids started Soccer this weekend. Two back-to-back games that were action packed! Wes did a great job in his first game and seems to really love just hustling like a madman. This is exactly opposite of me who rejoiced sitting on the sidelines goofing off with other kids. After the crazy day of Saturday, […]