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I did it! I chopped off my hair! And now I have to shower every day and I’m kinda pissed about that! I had become a bit apathetic about my hair in the last year or so. 99% of the time I wore it in a bun, which meant I didn’t always have to shower as a dirty bun looks the same as a clean bun. (Huh?) If you’ll recall – I stopped using shampoo in my hair with any regularity in 2003. That decision right there made my curls SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. Which means, when I fix my...

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Help Me Hide My Ugly Toes

Summer is Here and I Have Ugly Feet There was a time, many moons ago, where someone told me, “You have really pretty feet…and I usually think all feet are ugly.” I took that as a major compliment! I never even got regular pedicures or anything…those beautiful feet were all natural, baby. Then I learned a hard lesson last year when I started running regularly – I’m prone to the dreaded BLACK TOENAIL. Now, I had actually lost toenails before on hikes so I knew this was something I was susceptible to. But it turns out that when you run...

The One Where I Actually Want My Picture Taken 14

The One Where I Actually Want My Picture Taken

One of the biggest perks of getting in shape is finding myself WANTING to be photographed. E and I went to see Young Frankenstein Saturday night and I asked Donnie to take a picture before we left. That is the picture you see on the right. The first picture, on the left, was taken before Legally Blonde in January. OF THIS YEAR. And when I saw that picture on my phone after someone snapped it I remember thinking, “This is exactly why I don’t like having my picture taken.” But now, not only do I feel better in my own...

Rachel Zoe Better Watch Her Back. 7

Rachel Zoe Better Watch Her Back.

We all know my daughter has been dressing herself for at least 2 years now, right? Probably 3 if I really thought about it. We’ve had some rough patches in this phase, where she relied predominantly on bright tights and rainboots. However, recently I’ve noticed some fun trends. She’s accessorizing in ways to actually CHANGE articles of clothing. Like, she’s really starting to be a little fashionista. Look what she did here: She added a rainbow heart belt to a dress that totally didn’t need a belt. THEN, she attached a bow from a different dress to that belt. I...

Bribery In The Form Of An Irish Manicure 2

Bribery In The Form Of An Irish Manicure

Today is the first school party I’ve ever missed at the kid’s preschool. They are both very sad about this, even though there are only ever 2-3 parents there. I explained that E doesn’t hardly ever need much from me, so if I sometimes have to miss their stuff for his, it’s more than fair. I also painted their nails green and gold. That made them love me again.