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Crazy Cat Lady

I am constantly seeing memes or cartoons or articles shared online where they complain about “those” people on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Maybe the are mocking people who post about every run they do (ME!) or Moms who constantly brag on their kids (ME TOO!) or pitiful family members who post 900 pictures of their dogs/cats (GUILTY) or nerds who post YouTube videos every five seconds (OVER HERE!). Yeah – basically – any time I see an article/cartoon/meme mocking “those” Facebookers, or Tweeters, or Instagram accounts I’m all, “THAT’S ME!”

So! What I’m hoping is that I do it ALL so it never becomes annoying because my annoying habits are PLENTIFUL! Annoying isn’t as annoying if you do it in several different ways, right?

That said…Here’s a picture of my cat!

Her name is Sunflower and she has an interesting personality. She grew up with Donnie’s dogs so in some ways we used to say she thought she was a dog. She would cuddle with them and eat with them and never really seemed to notice they were different from her. She doesn’t flinch when family brings their dogs over and doesn’t care when we dogsit. (My other cat – Bambi – tolerates our dogs but if any other dogs come over? He harasses them as if to say, “I allow the ones who live her but I will NOT allow others.”)

But Sunflower is still quite anti-social. You can go days without seeing her, and when you DO see her, it’s a glimpse past your feet as you walk into the room. She seems to like being away from us most of the times.

BUT! When she wants attention? You better be ready for it because she’s going to demand. She’ll hop on your lap wherever you are and insist that you rub her head/belly/back. And then she leaves and you won’t see her again.

There are certain places in the house where I can lay down in certain ways and call for her and she’ll come to me. If I’m on the couch upstairs, on my belly, she’ll come sleep on my back. If I’m on my bed downstairs, on my back, she’ll come sleep on my belly.

She’s a weird cat, but she is predictable.

WELL! This week she has been totally throwing me for a loop. She NEVER comes to me at my desk but she’s been visiting me frequently there this week. She’s hopped up in my lap for love, she’s harassed me at my keyboard and she’s even just hung out and napped here…TWICE. It’s the weirdest thing and the Person Who Watched Someone Die in me is totally freaked out that she’s sick.

(This entry took a turn for the sad quickly, didn’t it?)

She is 14-15 years old. I rescued her as a partner for Bambi shortly after Donnie and I stared dating in early 2000. I don’t think she’s sick, there’s really not any other signs of illness, but man…when humans are dying you get to read a lot about how their mind can react in the end to create a totally different personality, and my brain is remembering all of that literature from when Dad was in hospice and I find myself thinking: This is it. She’s dying.

But I’m going to push those depressing thoughts to the side and just enjoy the sudden change in socialization. This office is sometimes lonely, it’s nice to have company periodically.


Wanted: Help Entertaining Kids For Hours With Very Limiting Criteria

So! Yesterday was Donnie’s half Ironman and it was a trial run of sorts for how the kids will do at the Full Ironman. We’ve cheered at 70.3 races before but we usually sit in one place all day and have a bathroom and a car nearby. The full Ironman in three weeks will have tons of walking, take twice as long, and I’m not positive we’ll have anything but port-o-potties as bathroom options. (IF WE EVEN HAVE THAT at some times.)

I learned two things yesterday.
1) The gear we have is perfect. Easily portable and light and I can stop worrying about that. (YAY!)
2) Bringing along games or technology causes an infinite loop of fighting or bickering over who gets what. (BOO!)

My kids don’t have iPads or iTouches. Wes has a Leapster and an Innotab 2, Nikki has a Kindle. Yesterday they fought over the Kindle ALL DAY. When it finally died (thank god) they started fighting over the other items. It’s not even consistent as to who gets what – it basically just seems like if ONE person looks like they’re having more fun than the OTHER person, then they want THAT item. It was hours of me looking at my watch and telling them when to switch and that MADE ME CRAZY.


1. Give Them Both Phones With The Same Game.
Donnie and I both have iPhones. We could put the same game on both of them and they could play the same game all day and not fight. The downsides of this:
1) We would need battery packs for those phones.
2) Their faces are in screens all day. WHICH I HATE THAT.

2. Remove the options of technology all together.
Come up with portable projects/crafts/activities like card games (Which sometimes still causes fighting) that they can carry around and pull out relatively easily. It needs to be the kind of thing they can either do together or that they can each have in their own back. MUST BE LIGHT AND EASILY PORTABLE. We won’t be jumping up and relocating every 30 minutes, but there will be several points in the day we need to quickly pack up and jump on a shuttle to move to another location. The downsides of this:
1) Might not entertain them as easily as the technology does/did
2) Might be less portable/easy to clean. Phones are one item easily thrown into a bag

I guess in the perfect world we do it BOTH ways? Maybe? And I give them time limits? I don’t know.

So! This is what I need for you:

  • Recommendations for iPhone5 battery packs.
  • Portable crafts/games/projects. Think THINGS YOU DO ON A PLANE

Basically this trip takes the toughest parts of Flying and Camping and puts it into one 13+ hour day from beginning to end. And that’s if Donnie finishes between 11 and 12 hours.

If you live in Chattanooga and think spectating an Ironman could be fun, let me know. I could ask for your services a bit either as transportation (we’re kinda stuck without a car for various reasons that day) or as a resource for questions OR especially for emergencies. I have a basic idea of what we’re doing, where we’re going but there are a few points I’d love to ask a local about.


#SpreadingJoy #PositiveNipples

HAHHAHAHAHA! I wrote this post this a.m. but accidentally published it as a PAGE instead of a POST so it didn’t show up on my Feed. I AM AN IDIOT.

I’ve written before about how strongly I believe in the idea that the world gives me what I put into it. But, no matter how strong I believe in it – I still struggle, especially around my kids, to remember this. Some days, through my interactions with those two alone, I dump giant 50 gallon tubs of SHIT into the world and wonder why it trickles back my way.

BUT STILL! I have Faith in the Power of the Positive Ripples.

(Completely different from the Power of Positive Nipples. Don’t get the two confused.)

(Oh My God. I just cracked myself up with that line. So much so that I added it to the title.)

(WARNING: I’m writing this at 2:30am on a Sunday before we have to leave at 4:30am for 70.3 race of Donnie’s. My evaluation of “humor” is probably a little off.)

ANYWAY! One of the subtle changes I’ve been trying to make in my life to promote this idea of Spreading Joy into the world, is to follow through on kind ideas. Sometimes I’ll think, “I should send her a sympathy card…” or “I should buy that for him…” or “I should send her a message telling her I think X is an awesome thing about her…” but I never follow through. I get these GREAT moments of inspiration to spread the joy into someone’s life, but then I don’t do anything about it. Sometimes it’s because it’s an expensive idea so – you know – I can’t really follow through there. But, often it’s something free or just affordable, a small gesture to show someone I’m thinking about them, or that I care. And I used to be SO BAD about just letting those ideas fall to the wayside and never actually seeing them through.

But these last few weeks I’ve been REALLY trying to follow-thru more. I’m not setting out to THINK of positive things to do in other people’s lives…I’m not that enlightened (yet?) – but when the ideas come to me, I don’t just let them drift into the ether without any action. Perfect example: I saw a grocery item at the store recently that reminded me of a conversation a friend and I had and I thought, “I should bring this to him!” It wasn’t anything expensive or special or even too unique (I mean, it was a Target, we’re not talking about exotic produce or anything) but it just made me think it would make my friend smile. I left the store without it, which is my natural instinct when I get one of these ideas. Just to let it pop into my head, and then pop out without seeing any action.

BUT! The next time I was at Target? I did it. I bought the silly grocery item and then I went directly and gave it to my friend while he was at work. Bam. It didn’t take hardly any time or money and it gave him the biggest smile. Mission Accomplished.

Those ideas pop into my head all the time, and I can’t always follow through. BUT – since I’ve been more conscience of them – I’ve realized that there are plenty I can follow through on, and I have. I’m not great at it (yet?), but I’ve done it a few times in the last month, so I feel like it’s getting to be more habitual than it was before. Also, I now find that the ideas are popping into my head more. Sometimes they’re too expensive or I just don’t have the time, but if I encourage those ideas by following through on them when I can, they pop into my head more often.

And now I think I’d like to take it to another level. I’d like to come up with some generic “Nice Things” items to do/make so that, when I want to send somebody a positive thought or kind gesture, I can consult my pinterest board (which is currently empty) and just pick an idea to do it. Or if I feel like there’s been a lot of sadness in my community, I can find an idea to spread joy on a wider level. I just love the idea of taking small steps that make a big impact in the life of people. My dark days have been brightened so often by gestures of love and kindness, I consider it my job to send that type of energy back into the universe.

REAL TIME EXAMPLE: After that paragraph I just wrote I went to add things to the Pinterest board just to make it have SOMETHING and found a great idea about make hearts so – instead of just pinning it – I ordered some sculpey on Amazon (On sale! Cheaper than at Michaels!) and it will be here Tuesday. I have already decided to send one in a note to my kid’s room moms to thank them for their time/efforts. SEE! Great idea and I am taking the actions to actually see it through. And that $20 on clay will make, I’d say – 100 hearts. And the kids can help! Then those moments take no time because we’ll have a stash of hearts to send!

So. If you have any ideas for this type of thing, Random Acts Of Kindness type things, please send them my way. I can actually add you to that board if you’d like, but I’m not going to just randomly add people without their permission. Then I’m just a #SpreadingJoy bully and no #PositiveNipples will be created.

(Hee. Still funny.)


Did We Blame The Consumers When Target Got Hacked?

This is a bonus post for today just because I’m devastated at the way the media/public is handling this horrible breach of privacy with female celebrities. I’m basically just screaming my anger into the void so it can be released. If you don’t want to read me blather nonsensically, feel free to just stick with the first post of the day and come back tomorrow for tomorrow’s post. You can skip this one entirely. (Unless you are looking at stolen naked pictures of someone, then you should read this because YOU NEED TO STOP DOING THAT.)

Remember back when Target had a security breach and so many people had their credit card numbers stolen? Remember how everyone said, “Well! If you don’t want your numbers stolen, don’t use your credit cards! Ever!”

No. Because no one said that. Everyone bashed Target, and Target had to apologize for the breach in security. Not the customers’ fault to assume their data was safe. Not the customers’ fault for using their credit cards even though there’s always a risk the data gets stolen. And if there were pages on hacker sites somewhere with lists of customers and their credit card numbers would you look at it? NO! That’s stolen information! Of course not!

So why are people looking at naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence? Why are people so casually blaming these women like it’s THEIR fault to trust the data? Why are they stupid for trusting photos but we’re not stupid for trusting storage of our credit card information?

When there was a chance Facebook Messenger was being creepy with some of our phone data/information (they’re being no more creepy than any other app) – the world was in an UPROAR about privacy and security and it was INSANE. People everywhere were outraged at the potential invasion of privacy!

So why are we saying, “Well…their fault…” at the female celebrities whose photos were STOLEN and DISPLAYED for the world to see? Would people be more outraged if the photos were stolen through Facebook?

Where is the outrage over privacy issues and data access now?

If you were spewing hate about your boss/mother-in-law/neighbor in a text message to a friend, and then those text messages got hacked and published for the world to see…wouldn’t you be outraged? Wouldn’t you beg the world, “PLEASE DON’T READ THOSE MESSAGES!” because they were private and maybe painted a picture of you that you didn’t want the world to see? Don’t you have a right to that privacy? If your neighbor’s texts got hacked and published wouldn’t you avoid reading them out of respect for their privacy?

Listen. I get it. I tell my oldest child all the time: Don’t take pictures you don’t want the world to see. But I don’t tell him that because I worry about it getting stolen or hacked, I worry about him sending it to untrustworthy people who may some day want revenge and do it with those photos. And I get it, I would never let photos like that be taken of me because it would be my worst nightmare for them to be seen by anyone else.


These women have the RIGHT to take these pictures and trust the data storage security.

If I suddenly dumped my body issues to the wayside and wanted to send sexy pictures to my husband, then YOU BETTER FREAKIN’ BELIEVE I would assume that the photos would stay between me and my husband. I would TRUST the data like I TRUST my bank data and my texts and my credit card information. And if we’re going to be outraged over privacy concerns with apps on our phones, then we should be outraged over this situation. If I wanted to have sexy pictures taken by someone with a digital device, I have the RIGHT. And if those photos got stolen and leaked? The publishing of those would be an ASSAULT on me. And I would be livid if anyone looked at them. And I would be livid at the theft/breach of security in the first place.

There are a bunch of other women who have written about this better than I have. I’m kinda just blathering nonsensically because I AM PISSED OFF.

This is why you shouldn’t click on the naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence

If you deliberately seek out any of these images, you are directly participating in the violation not just of numerous women’s privacy but also of their bodies. These images – which I have not seen and which I will not look for – are intimate, private moments belonging only to the people who appear in them and who they have invited to see them. To have those moments stolen and broadcast to the world is an egregious act of psychic violence which constitutes a form of assault.

Laci Green is unfollowing anyone who reblogs the photos

have unfollowed 20+ blogs on here already and i will unfollow anyone else who reblogs nude photos taken NON-CONSENSUALLY from these women. it is sexual violation (fueled by the objectification of women) and anybody who participates that is the literal scum of the earth

I don’t know. I just don’t see it as a bad thing to take sexy pictures of yourself. Why not? I wish I loved my body enough to do that. And it makes me angry that people are looking at these pictures like – now that they’re “public” – it’s no longer creepy? IT IS VERY CREEPY. These women did not intend for you to see those pictures. They did not get naked in a movie or a magazine spread. They got naked for someone they were intimate with and YOU are NOT THAT PERSON. Quit looking at the photos.

BAH. Okay. I’m sorry.

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It’s A Bullet Point Monday, People.

I decided to change my WordPress theme to the Twenty Fourteen theme that comes with a clean install. I wanted to check it out, explore it a little, see how easy it was to manipulate it and my blog is the best starting ground I can thing off. So! New theme! And as always, when I put in a new theme I have to do a bullet list so I can tweak the bullet styling how I like it!

  • I feel like I’ve been run over by a damn truck. Both of my kids have had some sort of started-with-allergies-but-never-had-a-fever cough going on for about a week. Nikki’s has been significantly worse than Wes’s, but they’ve both had it. I kept her home from school on Friday because she was exhausted, not having slept well all week. And then yesterday it just got a lot worse. Like, sounds like she is actually going to cough up a lung. She starts these coughing fits she can’t stop and is just miserable. At one point do you take YOUR kid to the doctor for a fever-less cough? I know things like bronchitis and walking pneumonia exist and don’t usually have fevers, but I also have a pediatrician that sometimes makes me feel stupid for bringing my kid to the doctor, so I’d like to know your litmus test. When does a cough warrant a doctor’s visit?
  • photo (1)My husband did a local Olympic distance triathlon for the FIFTH TIME yesterday. People who have met him in the last two years just assume he’s always been fast. But he has NOT. He’s always been athletic, that comes naturally to him, but he started off at average. Or even below average if you like at his first marathon time of 5:07 (It’s now down to 3:14). The first time he did the Rocketman in 2010 he did it in 2:58:59. Yesterday? 2:15:40. He placed first in his age group, which is a HIGHLY competitive age group. If he had gotten that 2010 time this year? He would have been 18th out of 25. THAT’S how big of a jump he’s made. Which, to me, is way more awesome than just always being fast. So proud of that guy.
  • Nikki did another Kid’s Triathlon this weekend but in “open water”. It’s a chlorinated man-made pond, but it still freaked her out because it’s dirty and not shaped like a rectangle with clearly marked sides. She also was worried about sighting and making sure she swam the right way. But she did it fine! Even though she was way more terrified of that 50m than of the 400m the weekend before. Fears are a funny thing.
  • I missed another long run this weekend. It is very hard this time of year when my marathon training picks back up but Donnie’s triathlon training is still in full force. Ironman training is a 12+ hour a week commitment and when you work full time, have kids in sports, and like to sleep sometimes, it’s hard to work another set of training around that. We’ve worked out the morning runs okay mid-week, but the weekends are still a struggle. Especially because, this time of year, no one wants to run at noon. I could have run Saturday afternoon but that was NOT happening! I had a friend who did 16 miles on the treadmill this weekend. That’s another option, if I had a treadmill, but that sounds like a fate worse than death to me. SIXTEEN MILES on the treadmill? BLURGH.

Okay. That’s it. Still doing my “post every morning” challenge so if you missed the awesomeness that was this weekend, check it out. Right now I think here is a “previous entry” link at the bottom of this entry’s page, but I’m hoping to add other ways to navigate archives as well while I dig into this theme a bit.

Happy Monday!