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I turned 39 yesterday. I’m the most excited about the fact that I had a superb hair day.

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I did enjoy two of my favorite things:

1) Sweet potato fries at The Sandwich Farm
2) My favorite dinner at Anaheim Chili

But for the most part, it was a low-key day. I worked. I cleaned. I napped. I watched some Harry Potter. Nothing too outstanding. I have planned two special outings today that I couldn’t do yesterday because the places are both closed on Mondays. (Pro Tip: How To Make Your Birthday Last More Than One Day.)

The best part of yesterday was simply: The Internet. Between my inbox, my twitter feed, and my Facebook page – I was delivered a non-stop flow of love from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. The constant “Happy Birthday!” messages reminded me how far I’ve truly come in the years since Dad has died, in getting over my social anxieties and making friends. In years past most of my well-wishes were just from my friends inside the computer (who I love dearly), but yesterday I had dozens from friends I know in real life! If you had told me back when I turned 29 that 100 real world friends would wish me Happy Birthday in 10 years? I wouldn’t have believed you. Or I would have thought my Dad finally lived up to the promise he and I often joked about regarding buying me friends.

But not only did I have dozens of Happy Birthday! messages – but I had plenty of personal messages as well. Most wishing me a day filled with running or donuts or beer. This shows that, I’ve not only made friends, but they know me very well. It cracks me up how well some of these people know me! I just found myself, all day, every time my phone dinged with a new message thinking, I don’t care who wants to fight me over the title – I swear to all that is holy that I am the most blessed person on this planet.

I was surrounded by love yesterday. Lots and Lots and Lots of sincere, heartfelt, funny and kind LOVE.

So I roll into my last year in my 30s surrounded by awesome people both inside the computer and outside of it. And I sit back an compare that to when I rolled into my 30s with just a few real-world friends.

And I think…

Holy Shit. My 40s are going to rock so much harder than my 30s did.

And that is one fantastic place to be.


Define “Super Lazy”


My friend Amanda shared this on Facebook today and it made me THINK ALL OF THE THOUGHTS. Who knew a My Little Pony meme could make me feel so many conflicting things.

Zoot’s Head As Inspired By A Cartoon Pony

  • I love this cartoon! I am feeling totally super lazy too today. I don’t want to move. I haven’t done anything other than sit somewhere (mainly my desk, but I do sometimes move to the couch or the dinner table) since my run on Sunday.
  • But I did run on Sunday. And I have runs scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That’s not super lazy! That’s no kind of lazy!
  • And even though I’ve been sedentary for three days, I have been doing a lot of things while sitting. I’m working, I’m reading, I’m eating…I’m working some more. It’s not like I’m lying down in bed all day. At least I’m upright, right?
  • But man…there are so many things I’m putting off doing. Like mowing the grass. And weeding the flower beds. I’d rather pick up my book than do either of those things. I’d rather clean toilets than do either of those things. But I’m not doing that either.
  • I also haven’t gotten the kids out of the house all week. It’s Thursday and we’ve not run/biked/swam even once. Not only am I super lazy, but I’m now making my kids super lazy too.
  • Except they didn’t spend one second yesterday in front of any screen. Well, they finished a movie while building Legos, but other than that! No screens!
  • But the two days before I had so much work to do that required silence they sat in front of the TV all day, both days.
  • So…I guess in many ways I’m super lazy today and every day and I’m breeding the next generation of super lazy people.
  • But! I make up for it by running every few days and periodically making my kids do triathlons.
  • Man…Now I really want to schedule a super lazy day where I stay in bed all day…that sounded really nice…

The Weirdest Hodgepodge Of Content Ever

The weird thing about blogging daily is that there are many days where I have 12 things I really want to talk about, but I can’t figure out how to make them good blog entries (or if I even should) so I just don’t write anything.

That has been my last week.

And it’s funny, it’s not even like I could do a bulleted list because it’s such a wide range. Like, after our local Pride Parade some stuff came up on Facebook where I really wanted to unload and write about why it is so offensive to compare alcoholism to homosexuality in a “hate the sin/love the sinner” or “born with the desire to sin” type of argument. But I still can’t quite it into words more than, “That’s offensive!” And then I often start to cry because – DAMMIT – how awful would it be to come of age in a world surrounded by people who are telling you that to become intimate with a person you find attractive (because loving them is not the sin, you see) is A) equatable to an addiction that ruins lives and families and B) sending them straight to hell. I look at the young gay people in my life and think they are so much stronger than I am.

4802018_origBut on the not-so-serious side of the spectrum I want to write about how my son has gotten me hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 6) and now I’m actually buying episodes on iTunes that were not free on LOGO. Why would he do that to me days before he moves? I can’t stop watching the show. I want to buy a few more episodes this morning but I’m trying to restrain myself. I’ve followed all of the top queens (that I love) from the show on instagram like I’m some sort of Drag Queen stalker now. Do you all know how much I know about being a glam girl? NOTHING. I don’t wear making, I don’t own high heels, and none of my clothes or jewelry sparkle. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions about these contestants. Last night I was sitting in my running clothes and brown fuzzy houseslippers and complaining about how Courtney Act makes a beautiful woman but I think she’s kind of a boring Drag Queen. WHO AM I?

And then there’s the ever present Zoot’s Addiction To Food topic which I’m always ready to write about. This week’s variation is, “How Kim can binge even on plant-based whole foods!” Actually – most of my binging has been in the form of sandwiches so I think I’m going to give up bread for awhile too. A large part of the experiment is to take away a lot of my “comfort” food options to force me to cope with my anxiety/stress in places other than my kitchen. And it has helped to a degree, there is a lot of binge-moves I haven’t made because of this experiment. However, I’m also eating the shit out of cereal with almond milk and also peanut butter sandwiches. Those are my new binge foods. SO! I’m going to give up breads and cereals for a bit too. Let’s see what weird thing I start to binge on now!

And no “What’s on Zoot’s Mind” entry would be complete without the Parenting Fail topic that’s ever present. I really want to tell you all how far I’ve fallen from that first successful week of summer working from home. Two days straight this week and I’ve basically begged my kids to stay in front of the TV all day so I could work. I am not going to win any parenting awards this summer. It started off SO GOOD! But then it went SO BAD! But! It’s not over yet! I’m going to try to do better today. At least make them play outside a little bit. I tried that yesterday and it worked for about 10 minutes. Maybe today we can go for 15 minutes! WOOT WOOT!

So, yeah. That’s why I haven’t written. I have a million things I want to expound on, but none of them in any way that would seem to make a good blog entry. So – now you have them mixed together into ONE entry so that you can have a variety of things to comment on today! The most important being: Which season of RuPaul do I watch after I finish season 6?

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Bullet Journaling – The New Volume

If you’ll recall, I wrote the Bullet Journal Post To End All Bullet Journal Posts awhile back. If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, please go read that one first or this one will just seem confusing and weird.

(It will probably still be confusing and weird though because – WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT BULLET JOURNALING?)

So! At the end of June I will have officially filled up my first complete bullet journal. This feels really awesome because, as much as I’ve always adored planners and journals, I always give up on them and buy new ones LONG before the year is up or the journal is full. I have left behind a trail of unfinished calendars and planners and journals a million miles long in my 38 years. Filling one up cover to cover is pretty much the most awesome thing I’ve ever done. Even better than running 52 miles in one day or birthing 3 children.

Once I realized I’d need to start a new bullet journal at the first of July, I bought a blank one to start prepping. Obviously, there are some pages in my current bullet journal that have information I’m still using regularly, so I needed to go through the current one and transfer that information to the new volume.

This was way more fun than it should have been.

I also had been holding onto stickers to use on my new cover so I finally got to break those out too.

Again…this was way more fun than it should have been.

photo 1 (1)

After getting the stickers stuck and pages transferred, I decided to make a few changes to the way I do things this time around. For example, if you notice on my current bullet journal the “Index” page was problematic. I put it on the first page of the moleskin, obviously, but that page naturally flips forward, like the crease opposes it being in the “flat” position.

Problematic Index Page, Flips Forward
Problematic Index Page

Also, I filled up the Index page before I filled up the bullet journal. Writing on the back of the page is an okay solution except my favorite pens sometimes bleed a little through so I ended up having to tape a white piece of paper on the back side to continue my Index.

This "solution" has been bugging me for a month now.
This “solution” has been bugging me for a month now.

So! For the new volume I let the pages fall naturally which meant that FIRST page actually stayed turned and I put the Index on the BACK of it, which will give me two full pages to use as the Index. Now, this is obviously only going to be an issue if you use the standard Moleskine, but a lot of people do so this was how I solved it.

New and improved Index page.
New and improved Index page.

Besides changing how I do the Index Page, I also had another idea. My biggest problem putting my current Moleskin on the shelf is that – well – it’s boring. I used it more as a daily planner than anything, meaning that the kids would find it terribly uninteresting if they were to go through it later. When I went through my Dad’s collection of similar journals, the cool thing was finding newspaper articles, or cards, or drawings he taped throughout. So! I decided to do the same thing. If the kids do anything small that I like, I’m adding it to the current bullet journal with a note regarding it’s origins.

photo 2

photo 3

And then, on a similar vein, I taped in the front of a card I had been holding on to because I loved it A) because it was pretty and B) because it had a nice memory attached to it.

photo 4

SO! I’m going to use Volume II of my bullet journal in a little bit more of a “scrapbook” type of manner. Maybe put ticket stubs or things like that in there. I put the little charm bracelet trinket from when we saw The Night Before Our Stars on the current bullet journal, but that was really the only “keepsake” type item I added in there. I’m hoping to add more interesting pages to the chronicling process on this volume to counterbalance the grocery lists and To Do lists. I have already discovered that bullet journaling is incredibly functional for someone like me, but I’d like it to also be interesting, not just for me, but for anyone who wants to flip through it in the future.


Crowd-Sourcing Tattoos

Recently I overheard my husband talking about tattoos to someone and they mentioned how they would worry how they would look once they got old and wrinkly. To which he said, “I’m really hoping I don’t care about things like that when I’m old and wrinkly.”

I love tattoos. I’d have more if I were A) Rich or B) An artist. A lot of my problem is having ideas in my head and having no idea how to get them on paper. BUT! I still get the periodic small one that requires minimal artistic skill. My most recent was the Deathly Hallows symbol I got with E after he graduated from high school.

I like to stick to a few criteria with my tattoos. Mainly – they have to mean something to me. There has to be some reason behind the tattoo other than, “THAT’S PRETTY!” Mainly because my opinions of “pretty” may change over time. Also? Tattoos are expensive and if I got inked everything I thought: PRETTY! I’d be covered and poor. I also put them in places that I can easily cover up…just in case. I love tattoos on the neck, under the hairline, but I’d never get one there because I wear my hair up too often and would hate to have to wear my hair down every time I wanted to hide it.

My last tattoo (the Deathly Hallows symbol) and my next one are linked to items in Pop Culture, and with those type of tattoos I have some extra criteria.

The main thing is that – if there’s a pop culture element to it (like with the Harry Potter tattoo) – I want to really make sure I’m committed to the entire franchise. I actually wanted to wait until the books were done to make sure I loved the entire series enough to ink my body from it. This was challenging because I wanted a Harry Potter tattoo for YEARS while I was waiting for all of the books to come out. I also try to read up as much as I can about JK Rowling so that I can be pretty confident she’s not going to suddenly join the board for the National Organization for Marriage or something. While there are still many other HP things in the works (Plays, Movies etc) I feel pretty confident in the franchise and in her that they won’t do anything that makes me regret my permanent link to them.

I would really love to get a Doctor Who tattoo – I’ve seen some amazing ones – BUT – that franchise is never going to die and it’s in the hands of so many people I can’t be confident that they won’t turn it into something I hate.

I also keep the reference discreet just in case something happens and I want to disassociate myself from the franchise, it won’t be as obvious I was connected to it to begin with. This also helps weed out the hard core fans, which is an easy way to establish friendship. If something happens to JK Rowling or the HP franchise and I suddenly want to break ties with it? The Deathly Hallows symbol is discreet enough that it won’t be obvious to everyone that I was connected to it to begin with.

I had been wanting a Nerdfighteria tattoo for awhile. I wasn’t sure if I wanted something from TFiOS (The Fault In Our Stars) or something that was representative of the group as a whole. I really liked the idea of doing something swirly with “DFTBA” (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) so that, if I told you that’s what it said you would see it, but it might just look like cool knot work or vines to the average viewer. But, again, my lack of artistic skills have limited that effort. I’ve tried, and I’ve not given up, but it’s just not there yet. Again – I want it discreet in case someone ever decided to write a song or put a line in a movie: “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!” that suddenly took the “ownership” from Nerdfighteria and made people think I got the tattoo for that random song or movie.

BUT! The Fault In Our Stars! That I could do. It’s a book I adore and have read several times. It’s a connection with my oldest child because he loves it as much. E got the tattoo with the infinity quote and while that is my favorite line, I decided not to get that same quote because A) He has it and B) I already have an infinity tattoo I got in memory of my Dad. I don’t need to overdo the infinity references on my body.

I have another quote I adore and I’ve been playing around with how/where I want it. I surveyed Instagram recently on whether I put in on the outside of my arm where OTHER people can see it, or on the inside of my arm where I can see it. When I got my Deathly Hallows symbol they convinced me to point it in the direction so it’s “right” when other people look at it, not when I look at it. So, I wasn’t sure if it should play this way again. BUT! These words are powerful, they come at a beautiful point in the book, they touch my heart in many ways – some that don’t even relate to the book. Everyone on Instagram assured me: YOU NEED TO SEE THOSE WORDS.

SO! The inside of the arm it is. Now the trick is: Which font?

(Also! Do you see the Harry Potter tribute in there?)


Edited to add: ONE MORE!