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Helllllooooo Tornado Sirens!

First of all…please…anyone who commented on the “Put Back In Draft For Editing” entry from yesterday…do not think it was your “fault”. It just caused me to re-read it and realized I spent WAY more time talking about specific issues causing me guilt THAT DAY than I meant to. I wanted to write an entry […]


Do Over

Bah. I tried to pontificate on something this morning and I realized after one comment that the post was NOT written well and maybe it came across a little self-involved (I mean, I am self-involved, but my point was to be the opposite) and I remembered that writing blog posts at 3:30am does not always […]

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Crazy Cat Lady

I am constantly seeing memes or cartoons or articles shared online where they complain about “those” people on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Maybe the are mocking people who post about every run they do (ME!) or Moms who constantly brag on their kids (ME TOO!) or pitiful family members who post 900 pictures of their dogs/cats (GUILTY) or […]