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Cheaper Than Therapy


10 Days.

Since we came back from our trip to Chattanooga (Must. Write. Spectating. Report.) I have basically been stress-eating everything in sight. It has been REALLY embarrassing. I can trace the stress, no problem (boring stress, not worth writing about) – but I can’t seem to make it STOP. I’ve been trying to meditate some lately, […]


Dear IronWife,

Hi. You don’t remember me but I was a REAL bitch to you back in July 2012. We were both at a triathlon in Chattanooga to support our husbands. We both had two kids, around the same age, and you were wearing an IronWife shirt and making signs for your husband with your kids while […]


I Survived A Group Ride!

I mentioned recently that we had a strange/scary surge of cyclist/car accidents recently. It prompted me to write a Share The Road entry, mainly as the wife of a cyclist. Well, last night we had a solidarity ride/fundraiser event for two cyclists in our community that were hit recently. Because it was held at Redstone […]