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Cheaper Than Therapy

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Guilt Issues.

First: Thank you so much for easing my mind on yesterday’s entry. My follow-up question for some of you (because so many people suggested finding a good realtor) how do you shop around for realtors? Like…do they look at your house, give you an opinion/plan and then you decide? I’m not sure what they do […]

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Easing Back Into It

First and foremost – I was looking through my Flickr photos (I used to archive all my photos there but I ended up setting the privacy to almost all of them to “me only” because they were having weird issues with photo theft and orkut fake profiles) and I found this photo. This was me […]

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Share The Road.

If you want to lose your faith in humanity, read the comments on any news article ever. People insult the subjects of tragic news stories like it’s a game and the prize is a trophy that says, “World’s Biggest Jackass”. Then imagine the subject of that news article is someone in your family, or a […]